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Andy Sewell Watercolors - The Festival Posters
TO ORDER, Call (208) 875-0729 or E-Mail...

Andy was given several of the 2009 posters for his personal use. He has a few extras that he is giving away free to those who pay for the framing. Andy has carefully come up with a way to frame the posters to give them an added vintage look. He has created a custom wood frame that matches the colors in the poster beautifully, and makes a stunning presentation of the work.

As an added bonus to posters obtained from Andy, he and his son, Josh (featured in the poster), will both be signing the posters before framing them.

Andy is also offering a special on his "Visit the Splendid Skagit Valley" vintage look print - see details here.

Two framed choices of the 2009 Tulip Festival Poster are offered below. . .

Double matted w/custom vintage look frame
Final Size of 22"x28" . . . . $189.00
Framed alone w/custom vintage look frame
Final Size of 18"x24" . . . . $95.00
Orders placed early can save shipping costs & be picked up from Andy directly
when he is at shows in Seattle (See Show Schedule) or at his booth
at the Tulip Festival Street Fair in Mt. Vernon April 18-19.

To order a framed poster, please contact the artist directly at (208) 875-0729
or email to info@finewatercolors.com