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Destiny Design/Andy Sewell Watercolors
Instructional DVD
"Begin Painting in Watercolors"

4 DVD Disk Set. (8 hours of instruction) This is a very comprehensive course on how to begin watercolor painting. Andy goes into great detail to show you how he paints. Learn many of his techniques, tips, and tricks to paint beautiful watercolors.


"Begin Painting in Watercolors"

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Instructional DVD
"Painting Tulips in Watercolor

1 DVD Disk Set. (2 hours of instruction) This is a detailed instruction on how to paint tulips. It also includes a bonus of how the 2009 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Poster was created.


"Painting Tulips in Watercolors"

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Andy with his Jan. 2007 class, showing their individual paintings they all painted together. It was a winter scene of a barn in the local rolling wheat fields. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Workshops in North Idaho.
For several years, Andy has taught workshops in his home. (See photo.)

Andy has recently moved to North Idaho where he now has a bigger and better facility to show his work and give workshops.

If interested in future workshops or hosting one in your area please call (208) 596-3181, or email (info@finewatercolors.com) Andy to get your name on the list to receive more details. The courses usually fill up quickly.

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