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Andy Sewell Watercolors - The Available Prints (Country, Trucks and Barns)
For available sizes and prices, see information below the image.
TO ORDER, Call (208) 875-0729 or E-Mail...

Country Round Barn Palouse Glory palouse winter Steptoe Butte Country
Country Round Barn.jpg Palouse Glory.jpg palouse winter.jpg Steptoe Butte Country.jpg
a crooked house Afternoon Shadows American Country Classic April Showers
a crooked house.jpg Afternoon Shadows.jpg American Country Classic.jpg April Showers.jpg
Cascade Country Barn Country Classic doubletime before the storm early june
Cascade Country Barn.jpg Country Classic.jpg doubletime before the storm.jpg early june.jpg
Nov_Morning Palouse Country Palouse Gold Palouse Springtime
Nov_Morning.jpg Palouse Country.jpg Palouse Gold.jpg Palouse Springtime.jpg
RedBarn Country spring rain spring ranch Twin_Barn country
RedBarn Country.jpg spring rain.jpg spring ranch.jpg Twin_Barn country.jpg
Uniontown Sunset Church at Long Valley Fort Sherman Chapel Freeze Church
Uniontown Sunset.jpg Church at Long Valley.jpg Fort Sherman Chapel.jpg Freeze Church.jpg
Peaceful Pastures Sunday Morning Shadows 1950 Chevy International Sunset
Peaceful Pastures.jpg Sunday Morning Shadows.jpg 1950 Chevy.jpg International Sunset.jpg
Old Country Chevy Old Country Dodge Old Country Ford Truck Set of Four
Old Country Chevy.jpg Old Country Dodge.jpg Old Country Ford.jpg Truck Set of Four.jpg