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Newest Works

Andy Sewell Watercolors - The Latest Paintings
For availability of originals, print sizes and prices, click on thumbnail,
and see information below the image.
Updated Dec. 2010
TO ORDER, Call (208) 875-0729 or E-Mail...

Chevy in the Pink countrykitty Poppy Glow Ruffed_Grouse
Chevy in the Pink.jpg countrykitty.jpg Poppy Glow.jpg Ruffed_Grouse.jpg
Afternoon Hilites768 Grain Tower Sim huddled_up on_the_sneak
Afternoon Hilites768.jpg Grain Tower Sim.jpg huddled_up.jpg on_the_sneak.jpg
poppy path Poppy_Celebration God is Like Snowbound Studebaker
poppy path.jpg Poppy_Celebration.jpg God is Like.jpg Snowbound Studebaker.jpg
Morning_Mend Summer_casting Burgundy Iris_small Iris_ blues
Morning_Mend.jpg Summer_casting.jpg Burgundy Iris_small.jpg Iris_ blues.jpg
Iris2_1253 poppy small poppy_trio Rainbow Release
Iris2_1253.jpg poppy small.jpg poppy_trio.jpg Rainbow Release.jpg
wild geranium wild_iris Autumn Angler BlueHeron
wild geranium.jpg wild_iris.jpg Autumn Angler.jpg BlueHeron.jpg
mini tulip 2 wildflowers3 yaquina head lacy dog
mini tulip 2.jpg wildflowers3.jpg yaquina head.jpg lacy dog.jpg
Ralph_Duanes Bull sheldon_dog StandingGuard yellow_lab
Ralph_Duanes Bull.jpg sheldon_dog.jpg StandingGuard.jpg yellow_lab.jpg
bulletholebeauty country_bug echinacea gumballs from heaven
bulletholebeauty.jpg country_bug.jpg echinacea.jpg gumballs from heaven.jpg
Vineyard Glow Vineyard Greens palousebarn  
Vineyard Glow.jpg Vineyard Greens.jpg palousebarn.jpg