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Available Originals

Andy Sewell Watercolors - The Available Originals
For availability of originals, print sizes and prices, see information below the image.
TO ORDER, Call (208) 875-0729 or E-Mail...

huddled_up on_the_sneak Afternoon Hilites bulletholebeauty
huddled_up.jpg on_the_sneak.jpg Afternoon Hilites.jpg bulletholebeauty.jpg
countrykitty echinacea Iris_ blues Poppy_Celebration
countrykitty.jpg echinacea.jpg (SOLD) Iris_ blues.jpg Poppy_Celebration.jpg
poppy_trio Rainbow Release poppy small wild geranium
poppy_trio.jpg Rainbow Release.jpg poppy small.jpg wild geranium.jpg
wild_iris peace of the river Country_Morn_Sunbreak Country_Morn_Sunbreak_det
wild_iris.jpg peace of the river.jpg Country_Morn_Sunbreak.jpg Country_Morn_Sunbreak_det.jpg
Slippery When Wet Trouts Favorite Evening Rise Orange Hibiscus
Slippery When Wet.jpg (SOLD) Trouts Favorite.jpg Evening Rise.jpg Orange Hibiscus.jpg
Flowers for mommy Indian Paintbrush Beach Buddies Mt Hood Country
Flowers for mommy.jpg Indian Paintbrush.jpg Beach Buddies.jpg Mt Hood Country.jpg
Valley Winter Sunshine American Country Classic early june Spring Country Chapel
Valley Winter Sunshine.jpg American Country Classic.jpg early june.jpg Spring Country Chapel.jpg
spring rain RedBarn Country Misty Morning Bull Run_in_sun_detail
spring rain.jpg RedBarn Country.jpg Misty Morning Bull.jpg Run_in_sun_detail.jpg
Run in the Sun High Mtn Goat Detail High Mtn Goat Mt Hood Timberline
Run in the Sun.jpg High Mtn Goat Detail.jpg High Mtn Goat.jpg Mt Hood Timberline.jpg
yaquina head Heceta Head 1950s at the gorge Krista on Metolius
yaquina head.jpg Heceta Head.jpg 1950s at the gorge.jpg Krista on Metolius.jpg
Univ. of Idaho Sunflower poppy path Burgundy Iris_small
Univ. of Idaho.jpg Sunflower.jpg poppy path.jpg Burgundy Iris_small.jpg
mini tulip 2 lacy dog    
mini tulip 2.jpg (SOLD) lacy dog.jpg